Polymer and More Resolutions and New Crafts I’m Trying…

I can not believe it is almost the end of March. I have been collecting pictures for this blog but am just now posting them! So, my resolutions this year, in terms of polymer and or/jewelry/accessories was to use ‘stuff’  that I already have.  Okay here are lots of pictures of my work space and drawers and bowls and boxes of beads, findings, ribbons, leather, cording, wire, polymer things I have made and haven’t used: (and this is just a portion of what I have)






So, bearing that in mind, I created the following bracelets and pendants:


Leather wrap bracelets with charms I made from assorted polymer. Owl bracelet made with owl beads I made, with glass beads and blue crystals. The pendant was made with an assortment of polymer pieces. I added a metal dragon fly, created a wire tree with glass beads.  The whole thing is covered with crackle medium and antiqued.

The following pendants were made using a technique where scrap clay is twisted and rolled then sliced in half to create Natasha or mirror beads. I added mixed media in a couple of them to emphasize the design that came out from the technique. When you make these beads, the results are always a surprise:


The first looked just like an owl..I added a twig for a branch and twisted wire for the claws. The second reminded me of a wild boar so I added tusks, nose and ears of polymer.  I made the bail out of copper wire. The third you can’t really see but the bead itself looks like a rib cage..a very fine rib cage. So I added ribs and a heart made from polymer. The heart has crackle medium on it and then antiqued with pearlex powder.  I made the little heart earrings to match.

Of course, I have quite a few more ideas…so little time…..!!

New Crafts

Loom Knitting:

For Christmas I received some gift cards that I decided to use to buy some knitting looms. After reading some blogs about the craft I was anxious to try it. My first loom I bought was a knitting board:


The knitting that is on the knitting board was just a test piece.  It is fun to knit on.  I’ve made one thing, this scarf, which I just love (and have worn)which is  knitted with the open rib stitch


I also purchased a set of round looms, a ‘flower’ loom and a ‘spool’ loom.


I made a hat for daughter using a larger round loom:


I decided to make wristlets.  I used the smallest round loom in the set. The grey one was my first one but the binding on the bottom was way too tight , noo stretch.  So I found another binding technique and made a pair in pink. They are perfect when the mornings are cold, my palms and wrists are warm but my fingers can still grip my steering wheel.  And I don’t have to take my rings off like I do when I wear gloves.

DSCF3929Picture 32

Using the same size loom I made a pair of slippers.  They are comfortable but a little loose.  I think I needed a thicker yarn.  But like I said I do like them and they are very comfortable.


Using the the larger end of the spool loom I made a ruffle scarf.   I think it turned out well.


This is the knitting project I am working on now. It’s an eyeglass class using the double moss stitch and bulky yarn. It will have two buttons that I will make out of polymer clay.


Cracked Marbles:

All over Pinterest I have been seeing items and jewelry made with cracked marbles. There are many different instructions on how to crack the marbles.  I put them in my foil ‘box’ that I cure my clay in and baked them at 375 for about 25 minutes.  Then dumped them directly into ice water…CRACK….they are really pretty.


Here are two necklaces and a pair of earrings I made with them.  I am in the process of making some clay dragons with the marbles as an element.


And Now For Something a Little Different…

I was going to do this as a separate post but it would have been a very short post..so what the hell…I’ll add it to this long one!

I like gadgets…craft gadgets…kitchen gadgets, all kinds of gadgets.  I also like bacon..sooo when I heard of the perfect bacon bowl I decided to splurge and try one out. So here is my review:


The box comes with two bowls.  They are heavy black plastic. Using the instructions I wrapped 4 slices around the bowl and microwaved it.  When I went to pop it off one side stuck where it over cooked. I made some scrambled eggs with a bit of cheddar cheese on top.  It was actually quite good.  Won’t use it every day but for a special day  or for a weekend breakfast, I would use it again.

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